Kamsack Ski Club

Shelter Use

Posted by Allan Bear on 2021-01-04

Over the holidays the shelters had many people staying in them for days. These shelters are primarily warm up shelters. So when people walk in with food and cases of beer and stay all day long , they are keeping other skiers, hikers, etc. from using the shelters during the day.

From now on we would ask that overnighters only stay one night and move out in the morning so people that want to stop at a shelter can.

We are putting up a white board in the Log Inn. Please enter which shelter you are staying at and which night. If you are planning to stay overnight, check the board to see which shelters are empty. No skiing to shelter to find out it is already occupied.

Please pack out your garbage.

Thank you.

Kamsack Ski Club

 Just to let everyone know, we now have an email address where people can donate to our club or pay club memberships. The E- transfer email is kamsackskiclub@gmail.com 

Over the years the club has put up signs and maps, put new roofs on the shelters and built new toilets. 

There has been talk of building another shelter that would sleep 4 or 5 skiers.