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Welcome to The Kamsack Ski Club Home Page. Our membership includes Nordic and Alpine skiers. We organize trail maintenance, Jackrabbits and the annual loppet at Duck Mountain. Please use the links on the left side of the page to find out more about our club and skiing in the Duck Mountains.


Posted on Tuesday April 13th 2021

I would like to answer some questions that I am getting about the shelters and their use during the off season (summer )

They are available to use. Bikes are allowed. Most shelters have some pots and pans, plates, some cutlery. You can't melt snow to wash dishes, so you need to bring some water.

Ski Hill and Moose Lake shelter have room for 2 people to sleep comfortably.

Jack Rabbit maybe 3. There is room on floor. Jack Rabbit does not have cookware.

Rundle is the biggest. Sleeps 4 to 5

Tamarack sleeps about 4.

We are putting new solar lighting in Jack Rabbit, Rundle and Tamarack this spring.These systems will have the ability to charge phones and Ipads.

The park has law that dogs must be on a leash. Having said that,the trails are a [Read More]

Posted by Allan Bear

Trail etiquette

Posted on Sunday February 28th 2021

When you are skiing and another skier is coming towards you and they are coming downhill (even the slightest grade ) you should step out of the tracks.

When you are skiing alone and meet 2 or more skiers, you should step out of the tracks.

When you have to climb a hill and need to herringbone please move off the the tracks.


March 16th 2021

If anyone has a door they would like to sell contact me. 32 inch wide with glass that slides up to access screen. Look at the photos on this site, Ski Hill shelter needs a new door.

Posted by Allan Bear

2021 Membership Form

Posted on Friday February 5th 2021

Our new membership form is available. 

Shelter use

Posted on Monday January 4th 2021

Over the holidays the shelters had many people staying in them for days. These shelters are primarily warm up shelters. So when people walk in with food and cases of beer and stay all day long , they are keeping other skiers, hikers, etc. from using the shelters during the day.

From now on we would ask that overnighters only stay one night and move out in the morning so people that want to stop at a shelter can.

We are putting up a white board in the Log Inn. Please enter which shelter you are staying at and which night. If you are planning to stay overnight, check the board to see which shelters are empty. No skiing to shelter to find out it is already occupied.

Please pack out your garbage.

Thank you.

Kamsack Ski Club

 Just to let e [Read More]

Posted by Allan Bear


Posted on Saturday November 17th 2018

Hi Skiers.


 We do have different places to stay in the park. Madge Lake Retreats has cabins for rent. They can be reached at 1-306-542-3922 or their website. customerservice@madgelake.info

 Duck Mountain Motel has rooms in Kamsack ( 20 kms. ) Their number is 1-306-542-2656. duckmountainmotel.com

I will try keep trail conditions up to date. I won't post every week unless trails have been set that week. If you aren't sure phone the park. 1-306-542-5500

 Feel free to email me with any other questions.

 Good skiing.


Posted by Allan Bear