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Welcome to The Kamsack Ski Club Home Page. Our membership includes Nordic and Alpine skiers. We organize trail maintenance, Jackrabbits and the annual loppet at Duck Mountain. Please use the links on the left side of the page to find out more about our club and skiing in the Duck Mountains.

2021 / 2022 Ski season

Posted on Thursday April 21st 2022

I would just like to thank everyone who donated to our club this past winter.

If you have any suggestions for improvements send me an email.

Posted by Allan Bear

Shelter use

Posted on Friday January 14th 2022

Just to refresh everyone on overnight shelter stays.

We don't have any way for someone to reserve a shelter.

All we ask that if you going to stay overnight you go into the Log Inn (golf course parking lot ) and write the shelter name and the date you are are staying.

This is not for us. It is for the skier that comes later that day. If the blackboard has a certain shelter name on it for the night you wanted to stay, you can ski to a different shelter.

Please don't stay in the shelter all day. Other skiers may want to stop and rest, warm up or eat their lunch.

We haven't any problem with skiers leaving their belongings for the day.

Thank you for your cooperation.

 Please don't herringbone directly over the set tracks.


Posted by Allan Bear


Posted on Thursday November 11th 2021

Well, we have about 8 inches of snow. Great start to the skiing season.

We have been doing some work on the shelters and a little bit on the trails. The work on the trails is mostly fixing signs and maps that have been vandalized.

The work on the shelters includes: Pine on the interior of Moose Lake, New paneling on exterior of Moose. ( We will be painting it in the spring ) Fixed door at ski hill. Cut windows in bathrooms at Moose and Ski hill. We are going to get solar lighting installed in Jack Rabbit, Rundle and Tamarack.

The park removed trees and mowed trails in early October.

 Over the summer and fall hikers have been using the shelters. I would ask that they pack out everything that they bring in.Garbage doesn't keep well at 32 degrees  C above

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Posted by Allan Bear

Trail etiquette

Posted on Sunday February 28th 2021

When you are skiing and another skier is coming towards you and they are coming downhill (even the slightest grade ) you should step out of the tracks.

When you are skiing alone and meet 2 or more skiers, you should step out of the tracks.

When you have to climb a hill and need to herringbone please move off the the tracks.



Posted by Allan Bear

Cross-Country Ski Camping

Posted on Tuesday January 30th 2018

Would you like to get away from the hectic pace of today’s living for a few days and replace it with:

  • Breathing clean, fresh air and getting plenty of exercise

  • Viewing the beauty of a boreal forest in all its winter glory

  • Observing and interacting with the many birds and animals that live here in winter

  • Soaking up a little peace and solitude

  • Choosing to ski on trails that will challenge your skiing abilities

  • Adventure, who knows what is around the next bend!

    Then my friends may we suggest that you pack your favourite easy meals and head out to one of the following shelters for a day or two... and would you believe that all of this is for FREE! 

Ski shelter donations

Posted on Friday October 15th 2021

People using the shelters for any reason that want to donate to our ski club to help with the up keep of the shelters can do an e-transfer to kamsackskiclub@gmail.com

Posted by Allan Bear