Kamsack Ski Club

Kamsack Ski Club Membership Information

Posted by Bruno Lemire on 2019-01-24


On behalf of the Kamsack Ski Club (K.S.C.), I want to welcome all those who ski, snowshoe, or are just interested, in seeing that these winter activities continue to be available in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park (D.M.P.P or the “DUCK’), to consider becoming a member of the K.S.C. If you are already a member, please pass this information on to your friends.

How will your membership help?

  1. Ski Clubs in Saskatchewan have access to various self-help grants from Cross Country Saskatchewan, Kamsack Ski Club have historically used grants to:

    a. Help pay for building of three shelters 

    b. Replaced six steel roofs on shelters

    c. Renovate three shelters

    d. Build two outdoor toilets

    e. Improve established cross country trails and develop new ones

  2. The K.S.C. has provided new cross country equipment to local schools and continues to help pay for various course training in either cross country or downhill for anyone interested.

  3. Membership provides accident insurance for sanctioned events, example the Duck Mountain Loppet, which is our main source of revenue.

  4. Provides you the opportunity to do overnight camping in three of the shelters for FREE, if you so desire.

  5. We have NO WHITE FEES (Trail Fees). Some parks charge $15.00/day to use their trails ours are free.

  6. More importantly, all members have the potential to contribute new ideas, enthusiasm and moral help to ensure that the K.S.C. continues to be useful.

  7. Please check out our website at www.kamsackskiclub.ca and download our membership form.

Bruno Lemire
Nordic Chairperson