Kamsack Ski Club

Trail Conditions

December 20th, 2019, Posted by Allan Bear

We have put up new maps at each junction. Signs are new. When you are leaving a junction there is a sign confirming the next junction and the distance to it. Some junctions have a double confirmation sign with arrows telling you the distance to the next junction. Check the photo tab or Duck Mountain trails tab on the home page to see the new maps.

 We are not expecting any new snow before Christmas.Trails are all packed and track set.They will probably be done again on Monday 23rd. Not alot of snow , but no bare spots.

Monday Dec. 30th the following trails were packed and track set. Golf course, Batka Major,Seargent Lake,Moose Lake and Ski Hill trail. Between the Golf course (Junction 4 ) and Jack Rabbit junction the snow was so hard the track setter would not cut in to set tracks. We need more snow.

 Enjoy and a Happy New Year to everyone

Friday Jan 10th

All trails have been packed and track set today. Weather is supposed to be OK this weekend so get out and enjoy.


 All trails except for Woodchuck trail ( .75km ) should be packed and track set by mid afternoon tomorrow, Jan. 24th


 The Park groomer - track setter is broken down. We did go out with snowmobiles and track set Fire Tower, Woodchuck, Batka Major, Moose Lake, Seargent and Jack Rabbit to Ski Hill Shelter.

FEBUARY 14th, 2020

Moose to Tamarack, Tamarack to Ski Hill shelter, Ski Hill shelter to Rundle shelter, Rundle Shelter to Junction 6 and Log Inn  to Ski Hill shelter were Track set today. All other trails where set last week and are still in good condition.

 Happy Valentines and good skiing

MARCH 13th

There are some trails that were packed and track set today. I am not sure which ones.

MARCH 14th/2020

Golf Course, Firetower, Woodchuck, Seargent and Moose Lake trails were track set yesterday.

March 20th/ 2020

On Friday March 13th the Park packed and track set Fire Tower, Woodchuck, Ski Hill just to Ski Hill shelter, Seargent Lake and Moose Lake. We have had 1 1/2 inches of snow since then. I skied yesterday and trails were OK. Not icey.Tracks are not well defined in a few spots.