Kamsack Ski Club

Trail Conditions

December 10th, 2021, Posted by Allan Bear

Dec.10 2021

All trails have been packed and track set as of today. I feel they are all in good to great condition. They are clean and the the set was great.

 Come out and enjoy.

The fire pit at Moose Lake shelter was moved again. It was placed NE of the shelter. All the grooming and track stting equipment has to go around the shelter to turn around. Please quit moving it.

            Thank You

One other note, solar lighting has been installed in Rundle, Tamarack and Jack Rabbit. Hit the red button to turn lights on.The red button also turns them off. Instructions are written on the battery box. Please remember to turn them off. You can also charge your phone. USB port.




Tracks were set last Friday (10th). Since then we have only had about an 1/2 inch of snow. Trails should be in good condition


Dec. 22nd/2021

We didn't have a lot of snow since the last time the tracks were set.The trails in the bush are fine. We did pack the golf course and reset the tracks because they were blown in.

Please be careful out skiing, when you get sweaty and tired the cold can take over fairly fast.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!

DEC. 27

 We had a ton of new snow today. About 7 inches. With the next 5 or so days being -35 at night and only -30 during the day I am not sure when the tracks will get set.

I will post on here as soon as they are.

Dec. 31/ 21

The trails have been packed except for Moose to Tamarack, Tamarack to Ski Hill and around Rundle. We won't be track setting before the weekend. It's just to cold and hard on equipment.



Happy New Year!!!



Trails were packed on the 6th and because of the cold, wind, pending snowfall and forecast for a cold weekend the tracks have not been set. The plan is to get all trails ready early next week.


Jan. 11th/22

All  trails have been track set. Great snow

I would like to let you know that there are trail maps with a club registration form in the box just outside the door to the Log Inn shelter


Trails that are packed and track set. Fire Tower, Golf Course,Woodchuk,Batka Major, All of Moose Lake, Sargeant Lake and Jack Rabbit to Ski Hill shelter.

Tracks are visible on the trails that weren't done on the 14th, but they are covered with2-21/2 inches of snow.

Jan. 21st /22

Tracks were set today on Golf Course,Firetower, Woodchuk, Batka Major, All of Moose Lake Trail and from Jack Rabbit Junction to Ski Hill shelter plus Saregant Lake trail